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Do you have a very large group? Check out our Group Reservations

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We understand the desire of our guests to have sites that are next to each other when they camp. For two families, we can usually accommodate sites that are very close, if not next to each other. However, due to the sizes and a limited number of sites, we do not guarantee site numbers until check-in. We will do our very best to ensure that you are either next to or very close to others in your group.

Groups of Three:

For groups of three, we have one group camping area that forms a triangle. Two of the sites are Full-Hookup and the third site is Water/Electric. These sites form a triangle and have a fire pit in the middle of the triangle. This area is also secluded from much of the other camp sites which offers added privacy.

Groups of Seven or more:

For groups of seven, Hi-Tide offers the ultimate camping experience. We have 7 campsites that form a circle that is within steps of The Lake @ Hi-Tide. Each site is Water/Electric and has a picnic table. There is a very large charcoal grill for use by Circle campers and a large fire pit in the middle.

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The Lake @ Hi-Tide is open for campers from 9am to dusk each day.

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All guests at Hi-Tide must pay the daily rate. The only exception is that children 2 and under are free.

Are there residents at your place that leave their trailer year round?

Yes, we have seasonal sites. For members that have seasonal sites, they do leave their campers on their lots all year round. However, use of the campground is only available April through October.

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Unfortunately, due to ground conditions and access to the campground in the winter, Hi-Tide limits the dates that campers can remove the camper from the campground. These dates vary each year depending on weather conditions.

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If you camp is the charges for the lake and pool included or is everything separate?

For campers, The Lake @ Hi-Tide and all of the water toys are free to use. To prevent overcrowding and to maintain a clean pool, there is a $1 charge per person per day to use the pool.

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We offer a Fire Wood Crate for $100. The crate must be ordered ahead of time and will be delivered to your site shortly after check-in.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

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Note: Since always traverses the complete prototype chain, it will get slower with each additional layer of inheritance added to an object.

Functions in JavaScript are first class objects. That means they can be passed around like any other value. One common use of this feature is to pass an as a callback to another, possibly an asynchronous function.

The Declaration

The above function gets hoisted before the execution of the program starts; thus, it is available in the scope it was , even if called before the actual definition in the source.

The Expression

This example assigns the unnamed and function to the variable .

Due to the fact that is a declaration that hoists the variable name before the actual execution of the code starts, is already declared when the script gets executed.

But since assignments only happen at runtime, the value of will default to undefined before the corresponding code is executed.

Named Function Expression

Another special case is the assignment of named functions.

Here, is not available in the outer scope, since the function only gets assigned to ; however, inside of , it is available. This is due to how VogueZone009 Womens KittenHeels Solid PullOn Sequins ClosedToe PumpsShoes Gold BH1QHLkX
in JavaScript works, the name of the function is made available in the local scope of the function itself.

JavaScript has a different concept of what the special name refers to than most other programming languages. There are exactly five different ways in which the value of can be bound in the language.

The Global Scope

When using in global scope, it will simply refer to the object.

Calling a Function

Here, will again refer to the object.

Calling a Method

In this example, will refer to .

Calling a Constructor

A function call that is preceded by the keyword acts as a constructor . Inside the function, will refer to a .

Explicit Setting of

When using the or methods of , the value of inside the called function gets explicitly set to the first argument of the corresponding function call.

As a result, in the above example the does not apply, and inside of will be set to .

Common Pitfalls

While most of these cases make sense, the first can be considered another mis-design of the language because it never has any practical use.

A common misconception is that inside of refers to ; while in fact, it does not .

In order to gain access to from within , you can create a local variable inside of that refers to .

is just a normal variable name, but it is commonly used for the reference to an outer . In combination with Hotter Women’s Nirvana Mary Janes Black Black t5Y1qW0v
, it can also be used to pass values around.

As of ECMAScript 5 you can use the method combined with an anonymous function to achieve the same result.

Assigning Methods

Another thing that does not work in JavaScript is function aliasing, which is assigning a method to a variable.

Due to the first case, now acts like a plain function call; therefore, inside it will no longer refer to .

While the late binding of might seem like a bad idea at first, in fact, it is what makes LuckyBB Women Ankle Boots Knight Zip Cowboy Shoes Black UqWJrBLja

When gets called on an instance of , will now refer to that very instance.

ES5 Note: In strict mode, the global case no longer exists. will instead have the value of in that case.

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